Cable Captioning Sponsorships

Closed Captioning Sponsorships on

 Nationally Syndicated Television Programs

Achieve reach and frequency at a cost effective budget

and gain access to valuable inventory at a fraction of commercial costs.

Closed Captioning Sponsorships are available in nationally syndicated television programs.  These spots offer an extremely cost efficient way to reach the national audience with your brand message.  Many top television programs offer CC Sponsorships, so you can target any specific demographic you want to reach.  The prices for these stand alone spots are a fraction of the longer commercial rates, so you can stretch your budget and again access to program formerly out of your reach.  Additionally, with lower unit rates, a CC sponsorship campaign allows for high frequency of exposures.

Unlike the sponsorships on CNN & HLN, national syndication CC sponsorships do not include billboard exposure, but identify the brand as the sponsor.  They feature fully self-contained 10-Second Commercial spots adjacent to programming, making them DVR resistant! 


Below is a representative list of  programming that offer CC Sponsorships (for a complete list or a custom proposal, please contact us):

Wheel of Fortune


Price Is Right - CBS Network

Dr. Phil


Live Kelly and Michael

How I Met Your Mother

Family Feud

and many, many more!

Also, In-Show Product Placement Available

In The Price Is Right