Cable Captioning Sponsorships

Example Spot:

Closed Captioning Sponsorships on HLN

Achieve reach and frequency at a cost effective budget

on this fast paced news and entertainment channel.

Closed Captioning Sponsorships on HLN are an extremely cost efficient way to reach an upscale audience with your brand message HLN has great reach to a younger audience.  These unique exposures include a 3 - 5 second billboard AND a fully self-contained 10-Second Commercial spot!  Our packages units provide daypart selections to target you message during three key time periods!


Below is a list of our standard packages, each package includes SEVEN exposures across a Monday through Sunday hour, and each week your brand spot will be seen in the same hour:

HLN Daytime Rotation - 6AM - 5PM Hours

HLN Prime Time Rotation - 6PM - 1AM Hours

HLN Late Night Rotation - 2AM - 5AM Hours

There is no more direct and cost effective way to buy these unique national advertising spots than through Cable Captioning Sponsorships.  Our company exclusively represents all the CC sponsorship spots for both CNN and HLN Networks.