Providing Access for Television to the hearing impaired through brand partnerships

Cable Captioning Sponsorships provides a brand partnership with national television programs/networks and advertisers, which helps subsidize the closed captioning service.  Through a "closed captioning sponsorship", an advertiser not only is recognized for providing this vital information to the hearing impaired, the brand also receives exposure of their fully self-contained nationally broadcast 10-second commercial.

It is a win-win proposition, as the brand is seen as philanthropic in supporting the captioning, and enjoys the value provided by the national television exposure they receive!  And, these opportunities are very reasonably priced to offer cost efficient access to television programs and networks that may be out of reach with normal commercial buys.

These spots are available on CNN, HLN and on various top television programs that are cleared for national syndication.  Individual information is available within this website, or call us with any questions or a free consultation on creating an extremely unique and cost efficient way to reach your target audience while providing positive public awareness of your brand's support of access to these national cable networks for the hearing impaired.

Cable Captioning Sponsorships is the exclusive representative for all closed captioning sponsorships on CNN & HLN networks.  We are the most direct and cost effective way to purchase these effective national television advertising spots.

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Cable Captioning Sponsorships

Example Spots:

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